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Anise Extract Two Ways

Makes TWO 125 ml/quarter-pint jars or ONE 250ml/half-pint jar


  • 2 Quarter-Pint Jars or other containers.


  • 200 ml Vodka [I used Absolut. You can also use bourbon! And, if you're interested in making a true "bitter" feel free to source high-proof vodka or whisky.]
  • 1-2 tbsp Anise Seeds [1 tbsp per 100 ml Vodka]
  • 4-8 Star Anise [3-4 per 100 ml Vodka]


  • Place the 1 tbsp of Anise Seeds or 3-4 Star Anise in the bottom of a clean container with a good seal. [I used 1/4-pint canning jars.]
    [If you are doubling up and using a single flavour profile, use 2 tbs Anise Seeds or 6-8 Star Anise in a single 1/2-pint container.]
  • Feel free to crush the Anise Seeds a bit with the back of the measuring spoon.
    [No abrasion is required with the Star Anise.]
  • Pour 100ml of vodka over top of each jar.
  • Seal and allow to sit in a cool dark place for at least 2 weeks before using. 1-3 Months is preferred.
  • The liquid in the jars will darken over time.
  • At the end of several months, the herbs may be removed if desired. This is not necessary. Nor does it look as pretty.
  • Extracts last for at least one year at room temperature if well-sealed after each use.


©Roseanne Carrara, Smelling Salts Journal